Sixty-six Spanish organizations, including 59 companies, one municipality and 6 schools were distinguished on November 11, 2013, for having obtained EFR family-friendly enterprise certification for work-life balance from the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, and the Chairman of the Másfamilia Foundation, Antonio Trueba, at the headquarters of the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

Each of these new EFR family-friendly enterprises are very different. From companies with more than 9000 employees like Accenture to companies that have committed to global corporate certification like Gas Natural Fenosa in more than 30 countries. Also standing out were international companies like Banco Estado Microempresas in Chile and TDM in Colombia and small businesses such as Laboratorios Zotal, Aguas de Barbastro, WorkandLife and Escuela de Cocina Telva. Moreover, EFR family-friendly enterprise certifying agencies took one more step in their commitment and received their own certification today; they include AENOR, DNV and Audelco.

 "The EFR family-friendly enterprise initiative seeks a balance between all facets of our lives and that is what leads us to talking about work-life balance"

Work-life balance is the need to combine working with family and personal responsibilities as well as that ever so important free time. That’s why we talk about balancing one’s personal, family and work life. Whatever one’s personal situation may be, the idea behind work-life balance affects us all...